Introducing Nutritics and Libro!

At Renew Coaching, we understand that no two people will need an identical plan to fit with their lifestyles, commitments and goals, therefore we're committed to putting together programmes that are flexible and reactive to the specific needs of our clients. The first step in this journey is a free consultation between the coach and client to ensure the suitability of the recommended program, highlight goals and challenges, and set out a roadmap for the coming weeks. This consultation can be done in-person, over the phone, or via video chat.

In order to create reactive coach-led programmes we're pleased to be using Nutritics as our primary analysis tool to support our clients in their journey towards better health and nutrition. Nutritics is a single platform solution to analyse client diet and activity, provide personal programmes that are able to change and evolve as we roll out continual support, along with 8 and 12 week client nutrition plans, and enables us to use high standards of reporting to support our clients every step of the way, down to the most granular micronutrient needs! Nutritics provide nutrition software to thousands of forward thinking clients around the world in healthcare, the NHS, elite sport, food services, food manufacturing, and education.

Nutritics is supported by Libro, an app that is available to all our clients at no extra cost as part of our nutrition coaching. It enables a two-way client/coach interface, that is personally tailored to meet the goals set and agreed on during your weekly consultation session with your coach! Using Libro's food diary tools, clients can input their food and drink during the day, and see live calories, as well as detailed macro and micronutrient reports so they always know where their nutrients fall on a daily basis, and what they need to do in order to get optimal results! Our clients can view graphs and reports generated by, analysed, and commented on by their nutrition coach from their app home screen. That's not all though, using Libro, the coach can schedule meetings, set specific daily goals, and even deliver relevant articles and videos directly to the client right there on the app! We're able to provide macro balanced recipes through Libro that can be directly saved into your food diary with full ingredient lists to take some of the stress out of logging and preparing that something special! If you use a personal tracker, like Fitbit, Google Fit, or Garmin Connect, Libro will pull your calorie burn data from there, giving you a much more precise idea of your energy intake and expenditure each day. It'll even sync with Bluetooth kitchen scales, making logging your nutrients that much easier!

As a client of Renew coaching you'll be able to access the full features of Libro at no extra cost, whether you're on Android or Apple, as we want to be able to deliver the best tools to you, so that you can achieve all your health and nutrition goals!

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