Healthy Eating Week - Vary your protein

Welcome to day 3 of our Healthy Eating Week 2022 posts. Today we are looking at varying your protein, with a particular focus on plant proteins, to eat well for our body and for our planet.

Protein is incredibly important as it is needed for many functions within the body, including bone and muscle growth and within the immune system. This Healthy Eating Week wants us to look at how we can eat well for the planet and our body and when it comes to protein that means choosing more plant proteins. A diet with a good variety of plant protein doesn't have to mean you have to cut out animal proteins, a variety is always best! Plant and animal proteins have different amino acid content and some protein sources have lower environmental footprints than others, it's good to know how to get the best variety into your diet. Animal proteins contain all the essential amino acids we need but we can get all these essential amino acids through plant proteins too, as long as we are getting that variety in. The resources below will give you some great ideas for varying the protein in your diet.

Swapping some or all of your usual meat proteins for plant protein can be very beneficial for your health and that of the planet and there are many ways you can get creative and make changes to your favourite meals to get that protein variety , you may even find some new favourite combinations!

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Beans are a great source of plant protein and are a good substitute for meat in many dishes, they have the added bonus of fibre too, which we learnt earlier in the week is also very important in our diet.

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So as you can see there are lots of plant protein options out there, why not see how many different protein sources you can get in your diet next week?

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Thank you to British Nutrition Foundation for providing these handy resources! Join us tomorrow for day 4 of #HEW22

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