Healthy Eating Week - Focus on Fibre

Today is the start of British Nutrition Foundation's Healthy Eating Week 2022 and I am delighted to be taking part and helping to spread the word on how we can eat better for ourselves and for the planet!

Today the Focus is on Fibre, why it's important, how much we need, where it's sourced and how to make sure we get enough in our diet.

Dietary fibre is a type of carbohydrate, found in plant food sources, which is not digested in the small intestine but is broken down in the large intestine and is important for good gut health. Most of us know that dietary fibre helps to keep the gut moving, preventing constipation, reducing the risk of bowel cancer, but fibre also manages blood sugar levels and makes us feel fuller for longer, so as you can see fibre is really important to include in your diet.

Take a look at the below infographics provided by BNF. Does it surprise you that an adult needs 30g dietary fibre per day? Or do you already have this as a nutritional goal?

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Making some simple swaps in your usual diet can help to boost your fibre intake, it doesn't need to mean a full change of your diet. Swapping white bread, pasta and rice for wholemeal, wholegrain and brown versions, adding fruit to your porridge, cereal or desserts and leaving the skin on your potatoes are all really easy swaps which will give your fibre intake a good boost

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Snacks can be a great way to get your fibre in, rather than reaching for a sugary treat with little nutritional value, use this sheet to create your ideal fibre packed snack, you'll feel more satiated, and be helping your gut health! See what other combinations you can put together to reach your 30g fibre goal with yummy snacks!

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There are many sources of dietary fibre so it shouldn't be difficult to get enough into your diet, particularly if you eat plenty of plant-based foods, including fruit, vegetables, wholemeal & whole wheat products , nuts, beans and seeds. Here are just a few sources:

Why not have a go at tracking your fibre intake on this tracking sheet provided by British Nutrition Foundation to see if you are getting enough?

fibre-tracker-sheet (1)
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Thank you to British Nutrition Foundation for providing these resources as part of Healthy Eating Week '22, download buttons are available under the images for your own use, pop back tomorrow for more #HEW22 information and resources.

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