Healthy Eating Week - At least 5 a day!

Welcome to day 2 of British Nutrition Foundation's Healthy Eating Week 2022. Today we are looking at getting at least 5 a day!

Having a variety of fruit and vegetables every day is very important for many reasons. Fruit and vegetables are packed full of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants, so they help to keep your gut healthy, prevent constipation, lower your risk of heart disease and stroke and some cancers and, when eaten as part of a balanced diet, will help achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. All fruit and vegetables have different vitamin and mineral content so having a wide variety of ensure you are getting an adequate amount of the different micronutrients.

You probably already know about "getting your 5 a day" but did you know that only around 1 in 4 adults in the UK are achieving their 5 a day? Knowing the benefits of having at least 5 a day you can see how this statistic is a concern. So what can you do to boost your fruit and vegetable intake?

British Nutrition Foundation have provided some handy resources to give you some ideas on how to up your intake and some facts and further information on why it's so important.

Download PDF • 904KB
Download PDF • 221KB

Why not use the below tracking sheet and get into teams within your family, with friends or colleagues and see which team eats the most fruit and veg in a day! Fuel your body and get those essential nutrients in with a good bit of friendly competition.

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