Healthy Eating Week 2022 - Reduce food waste

This week we have been looking at different topics to help us make healthy choices in our diets and looking at the better options for our planet. Today the topic by British Nutrition Foundation is reducing food waste. As you can see from the resource below, households are responsible for 70% of food waste in the UK and this has a big negative impact, wasting the planet's resources as well as our money!

So what can we do about it? Meal and snack planning, batch cooking and freezing extra portions, using leftovers in other meals, keeping a food inventory, storing food appropriately and knowing your portion sizes can all help to reduce food waste.

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Use this food waste audit sheet to track how much food your household wastes and record ways in which you can prevent the same waste next time.

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Having a meal plan, checking which ingredients you have, and making a shopping list of what you need to buy can help you avoid overbuying and in turn having food waste.

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Why not check out this food waste quiz (answers are also attached), either by yourself or with family or colleagues, to test your food waste knowledge!

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Thank you for joining us for Healthy Eating Week 2022!

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